Welcome to Jumanjicraft! Here’s the guide to the server, for new and returning players that just aren’t sure on what to do.


First of all, you spawn in the temple of the jungle. This is called spawn. You can get back here at any time by using /spawn.

The blue portal leads to the event room and the red to the mall.

There’s a wall with the rules on them or you can use /rules to read them at any time.

Use /start to be equipped with a sword to battle off the creatures of the night and some food to eat..

You’ll also automagically have some chainmail armor to start off with.

Use /rtp to be magically whisked away to a random spot in the world to begin your new journey as King of the Jungle.

Look below to see how you can get money.


/shop will open a menu for you to purchase some items, although expensive, they are there for convenience purposes.

To get money, you can play on the server, that will give you more claim blocks, which i will talk about later, you can see these claim blocks and gain more money.

You can use jobs, with /jobs browse. You can join up to 2 jobs, and you join them with a right click.

Mining ores and hunting mobs will drop coins, to which gives you an amount of money based on what you mine and what you kill. 

You can sell certain items at the shop, and that will give you even more money.


You can start claiming an area to call your own with /shovel. This will give you the tool to select your area with. Claims go from sky limit to bedrock and they start by right clicking the very left top most corner and the very rightmost bottom corner of your area, similar to world edit, but the height of the corners doesn’t matter.

You can also claim the area super quickly by using /claim but that doesn’t give you much control on where the claim goes.

As mentioned before, you do get claim blocks for free by simply playing the server. You can also obtain more when you donate. Depending on what tier rank you buy, either perm or monthly donation, you get a certain amount of claim blocks every month. You can either use these to claim or you can sell these and use them to buy blocks, food, items, and whatnot. You can even give money to other players with /pay (playername)!

You can allow your friends to build in your base that you claimed by using /trust (playername) and when you decide they’re no good to you, you can use /untrust (playername)


Homes are a good way to never lose your base. A default player can set a max of one home. You can obtain more homes by participating in events, donating and (coming soon) voting.

Different ranks give different amounts of homes. 

You can set a home by using /sethome and return to the location using /home

(or if you have multiple, use /home {homename} )

You can delete a home using /delhome (homename)


Here’s where our server’s basis is on.

You can make towns, invite your friends to make houses or (plots) and you can have ranking systems for communities in your towns.

Have taxes set up and even join your towns with others for nations. 

There’s wars and whatnot for people that you despise.

You can start a new town with /t new (town name)

You can then manage your town with /t to see your current stats and invite your friends to the town with /t invite (playername).

More players = the bigger your town can be. So be sure to rope in as many people as you can. Cause you will be able to be a bigger town. 

You also need to deposit money into your town banks to keep it running every day. Same with nations. 

As a mayor, you can add titles to your residents.

/t rank add (playername) (rank)

This will make it to where someone might have more permissions to build in other plots than someone else. Or to where they can put money in the town bank. You can even transfer ownership of the town when you plan on leaving the server. 

And when you get tired of having a town, you can always delete it using /t delete

There’s other functions like jails and boards and outposts, but i’m not getting into all that in this guide.


We have some nice enchants in the server. Use /ce and click the one you want for a chance to get a random enchant to add to your tools. It costs exp, so give those grinders a use and get some nice enchants.