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    Here are a few changes and bugs fixed =) Hope you are all enjoying school!
    • Prizes cost have been reduced slightly and there are two new perks 'Colored IGN' and 'Set a warp'!
    • The Ranks Barbarian and Warrior now last 1 Year.*
    • The Ranks Emperor and Immortal now last 2 Years.*
    • Colored IGN has been added to Samurai+ /nick <colorcode>IGN!
    • Skyblock has a The End greenhouse
    • Towny fixed
    • Lock notifitications removed (toggle with /lock notify)
    • Remember that for a hopper/redstone to work on a locked chest you need to lock the hopper/redstone as well.
    • You can now leave Jobs fully and Farmers get paid for melons and nether warts.
    • Fly perk shouldn't kick people anymore (let me know)
    • PS stones no longer spam you when you click somewhere (someone should have told me this earlier!)
    *This extended time will be added to those Ranks which have been purchased but have not yet expired.
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    Thanks snow! Great work! Sorry for the late notice of this post.

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