Precious Stones (Protection Stone Update!)

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    We are currently in the process of changing from one Protection plugin to another.

    After the transition players will be able to use Coal, Lapis, Diamond and Emerald protection ores as usual! The temporary Gold protection stone will not be returning however.

    To change over to the new system, players need to contact a staff member in-game and ask them to help with the transition. Due to bugs between the plugins, Staff members helping you is the best way to make sure your area remains protected and you get the exact same number of protection stones that you had before.

    If you attempt to change over without a Staff member, you might lose your old protection stones and will be forced to buy new ones.

    To help Staff members swap out your Protection Stones, please unhide them using: /protectionstones unhide

    The new plugin has loads of new features, and will protect animals in your area!

    The new commands are listed under /ps, but the key ones are:
    /ps allow/remove - adds/removes players to your area
    /ps toggle <flagname> - allows you to toggle any flag listed under /ps info
    /ps setname base - to name your area (Appears on welcome/farewell message)

    If you have any problems doing this contact any Staff on right away.
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