4th of July Week LONG Contest!!

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    We're bringing back everybody's favorite WEEK LONG building contest in creative for 4th of July!!

    Basically, ANYTHING 4th of July related. What do you interpret 4th of July to be, what does it mean to you? Why
    do we celebrate it. Its up to your Creativity to build whatever. If you want to leave a sign explaining your design you can.

    To join make sure you contact me!! (Barney) I'm going to be keeping a list
    Ways to contact me:
    *In-game (If i'm not on you can send me mail by /mail send)
    *Tell another staff member they will tell me
    *On the forum you can write if you're in, i will be checking daily

    It starts Sunday June 26th, to July 4th (you get a day extra)
    ALSO if your build would to be interactive (like fireworks) make sure youre on to show us or leave a sign!

    First Place: 15,000 Doubloons and Barbarian for 2 WEEKS
    Second Place: 10,000 Doubloons
    Third Place: 7,500 Doubloons
    There may just be some extra winners too ;)

    Some Inspiration ;D
    bwejfkw.jpe it can be a simple as this!

    Example of an interactive one ^^


    I want everybody to have FUN with this!! (I know all i added were flags for inspiration but go outside the box!)
    Any questions feel free to as me!!!!

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