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Heyo everyone, some other useful commands to help out so far.

- /shop (Opens shop menu, click a category and select an item, and it'll prompt you to select how many you want to purchase but be aware clicking an amount you wish to purchase will immediately purchase the item)

- /sell (Opens a menu, drop items in there you wish to sell for money. Be aware that not all items are sellable, so please look in /shop and glance over every item that allows you to sell. It should show a green font showing it can be sold.)

- /jobs (Views the commands for the jobs plugin, use these as a guide if you are looking for something pertaining to jobs.)

- /jobs browse (Opens a menu showing a list of jobs you may join, you may join up to 3, right click or left click on a job to join it)

- /jobs join jobname (Remove the < and > between the job you are joining, it's an different way to join a job without having to use the menu style)

- /jobs leave jobname (Allows you to leave a job)

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Posted : 07/06/2019 6:55 pm
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