Massive updates


In this plugin, you are able to pick up passive mobs and players. To pick a mob or player up, shift right click the entity and it should go to the top of your head. Once there, the mob can be thrown by punching! As stated above, this does not work for hostile mobs, so dont try : ) For villagers, the villager has a chance to run away, and will even talk to you!

Pvp managing:

We have a fairly new feature that manages pvp for players. If you would like to pvp, do /pvp on in game to be able to do damage and receive damage from other players. This is off by default, but if you would like to turn it off again, do /pvp off If you leave after being hit or hitting another player, your pvp will be turned off and you’ll have a cool down for 2 minutes before you can turn it back on. The period that you have to wait before disconnecting is 10 seconds. Also, note that mods and admins have the ability to turn your pvp off for a certain amount of time, or indefinitely as they see fit. (We are looking into a way to differentiate between timing out and leaving on purpose, but at the moment it cannot be automated, so we’ll have to check the console on each appeal occasion)

Redstone Spawners:

We have a new feature in addition to being able to silk touch spawners. You may now use redstone to turn off spawners or set up some kind of automation with spawners that requires them being turned on or off! Just provide a valid redstone signal to the spawners of choice! This one is new and has very limited testing so do let us know about bugs you may or may not find, and we’ll do our best to fix it!

Voice chat Update:

We’re rolling out a test feature, voice chat! This is proximity voice chat in minecraft. You will need to follow this guide to get it working, but it should be a quick and painless install as long as you follow directions! Step 1: You’ll need this mod from modrinth: put this in your .minecraft folder: windows key+r, type %appdata% and hit enter, double click .minecraft -> make a new folder called “mods”, and drag the mod you downloaded into that folder. Step 2: You’ll need fabric to run the mod from modrinth: Once downloaded, run the file and click install, nothing needs to be selected or changed here before and after, everything is fine as default as long as the version is right. Step 3: Open Minecraft Launcher, it should be already preselected for you, if not, you should do this now, hit play and understand the message it shows you, if you agree then proceed. The game will load up, connect to Jumanjicraft and you should be good to go! Here is the spigot page for questions about how to use the mod, and enjoy! If you have any questions, please do ask a member of staff for some help!


This update adds brewery back to the server. This is a kind of large can of worms to digest so i’ll link some references that may help you get started, and later update this forum post with the basics. Here is how you set up the different modes of brewing: And here are the recipes you may use:


To combat growing servers and us just not growing, (perms coming soon) and health can now be purchased with a new currency called Vote Points. These points can be transferred to another player and can be used in



/pshop (subject to change)

(until we have a custom plugin, this will be the permission place to buy). These 10 links will all offer 1 vote point each for a total of 10 in a day, some may offer less than 24 hour times:

The commands are as follows:

/vp - Shows how many vote points owned.

/vp pay (playername) (amount)

/vp bal (playername)

The points are used to help get the server’s word out there while rewarding you guys for helping us get there.

Thanks for your support, enjoy the changes! If you have any questions, please join us on discord at

Until next time! Happy mining!

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