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Ban Appeal Format.
You must follow this format in order to even be considered.

When you were banned:
Staff who banned you:
Why you were banned:
Why do you wish to be unbanned:
How can you prove that you won't repeat the same offence?

If this application format is not followed, you will be instantly denied.
There is a small chance of being unbanned, but if you were to be accepted,
if you repeat the same offense, you will never be able to apply again. 
When you are unbanned, you will be placed on probation. If you commit any
crimes while on probation, you will be banned without question perm.
Do not use any special formatting on your application or it will be denied.
Do not include anything other than the information requested. 

By clicking the post button, you agree to these terms and hereby accept any repercussions that may follow even if unlisted.  

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