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Protection Stones Flicker Mode
As many of you may know, mcmmo adds in the super breaker ability - this temporarily adds fortune to your pickaxe. The best way to maximize diamond profit is to activate super breaker on diamond ore with a silk touch pickaxe then place all the ore back and use a fortune pickaxe (on super breaker) with the ore. This method of maximizing diamond profit doesn't work because protection stones are always enabled on silked ores, and the only way to turn an ore into its gem upon being silked is with a furnace - so I thought, "what if there was a way to disable protection stone placing mode per player?" My idea is to add a command that would disable the feature of placing silked ores to turn them into protection stones - meaning that you could use a command to flicker your mode between placing protection stones and placing normal ore with no protection stone value. I'm not sure if that's doable, but I know the plugin is custom and it's not hard to get word to the dev. This was just an idea, and I think it could really help the server economy. Thank you.
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Well I really do honestly like this idea and am glad you have brought it in. I will let the other staff/dev know about this idea unless they decide to read it here. Thanks though for the idea! Lovin it!

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Well, this kinda goes with everyones complaining about ps stones being broken.. when it's fixed, you wont need to do the silk thing because the ores will work with meta data.. good idea though

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