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Basic Recommendations 2/23/18
*SilkSpawners plugin - can be configured to allow donators to silk touch spawners and either place them or sell them. Special spawners could even be given away in events or bought seperately.

*Experience bottling plugin - some sort of plugin that gives the /bottle command, as I've seen on other economy-strong servers. This allows for users to bottle their experience to give or sell to other users.

*Protection stones configured to allow redstone at coal-level to widen the range for what can be used. I would also love for protection stones to be fixed so that special containers (anvils/echests) can be opened by the protection stone's owner - I've encountered an issue where even inside my own protection stone (in the wilderness, no towns involved), I couldn't open my own anvils or enderchest.

*Give the default rank the permission node I see you guys use PermissionsEx, so this shan't be an issue. It just seems good for charity reasons without having to put a dirt block on the auction house for a bunch of money and having that person buy it.

*I know this is probably on the queue to fix anyways, but we need more people <3 ! A Votifier reconfiguration would be much appreciated, because I barely see any new faces on my TAB.

That's all for now. Thanks for what you guys have already done to reform this server from a practically dead status only days ago. Keep up the good work!
Catpan#0683 on Discord, send me a friend request <3
I honestly do like some of these ideas. Silk Spawners is one of the amazing ideas I really would like to see.

We will fix /pay? Lol.

Exclamation BadBone Exclamation
Yeah, silk is going to donators and /pay has been fixed. thanks <3

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