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New Rules - TheOwnerOfThis - 03-05-2018

Heyo, These are some rules I made on a google docs.

No griefing in any world.
- If you did not place it, do not break it or add to it without permission.
- Do not build or destroy within 5 chunks (80 blocks) of another player’s build without permission.
- Do not destroy or deface the environment of the main world except for building purposes. To mine or gather resources, go to /resource.

Play fair.
- Do not xray or use any hacks/unapproved mods/scripts. See the list below for approved mods. If you would like to use a mod/script/macro that is not on the list, contact a staff member so it can be reviewed.
- Honor verbal agreements with other players, as long as the agreement does not violate other stated server rules.
- Return items dropped (via mob death, PVP, mob drops, or accidents) to the original owners unless both parties agree otherwise.
- Do not scam in trades, auctions, or other transactions. Do not attempt to get people to pay more than an item is worth, via start price, bid interval, renamed/fake item, etc.

Do not exploit glitches.
- No AFK pools or auto fishers.
- If you are not sure, consult a staff member about whether a machine is allowed.
- No TP killing, trap killing, kill stealing, or killing outside PVP zones without prior warning.
- Do not attempt to teleport or otherwise put a player into a PVP zone or imminent death situation without their knowledge and      consent.
- Do not engage in PVP outside the PVP arena within 1 minute of either party teleporting.

Be respectful of one another.
- Do not harass or abuse other players in any format.
- Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards someone’s race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.
- Do not use excessive profanity or direct profanity towards other players.
- Do not share content inappropriate for children.
- Do not discuss politics or other socially inflammatory topics in global chat.
- Do not dox (reveal or share private/personal information about others).
- Do not impersonate players/staff.
- If you are found to have a negative impact on the community, we can remove you at our discretion.

Use chat appropriately
- Do not use chat to advertise other servers.
- Do not spam chat.
- Do not use excessive caps.
- No inappropriate usernames, nicknames, or item names.
- Use English in general chat.
- Listen to staff.
- In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgement.

Approved Mods and/or modifications:
- Minimaps
- Optifine
- Shaders
- Texture packs (except those that give unfair advantage, like xray)
- Inventory Tweaks
-  Schematica (Decrease print mode screen to not annoy our staff please)
- 5zig
- Raising gamma
- Crafting macros that do not exceed 15 clicks per second.
- Any HUD mod that lets you see your CPS, Armour status, Other players and blocks you are looking at.

RE: New Rules - Catpan - 03-05-2018

There should be autofishers.
Also, one of my favorite things about JC is that it has towns and you're allowed to raid - you don't see that much anymore. The no-griefing thing I really gotta say I disagree to.

RE: New Rules - mommyyy - 03-05-2018

I’ll consider some of these.

RE: New Rules - badbone14 - 03-05-2018

I would consider some of these too. As I voted yes I really didn't mean entirely everything but I mean only some of them.