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Marriage Fixes - Catpan - 02-25-2018

I think it would be cool if the ability of marrying two users together could be a donor perk - users would donate just to get the extra marriage home, which would be great Wink

Another small suggestion is to fix the prefix - it's much too long as you can see below, so maybe just hiding the spouse would be more ideal, as any player can list the marriages to find out who's married to who with /marry list.[Image: brick.png]

On an unrelated side-note, I feel uncomfortable with instant teleportation, as I could be doing something and having a tpa sent to someone, they could accept it while I'm not expecting it and kill me. Sure, tpkill isn't allowed, but why not prevent it in the first place? Access to /tpacancel would also be wonderful. Thank you.

RE: Marriage Fixes - mommyyy - 02-25-2018

thanks for the suggestions! the changes are being added at the moment <3