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I’ve added more options to help get what you want. Mall: Use this to add an item to the mall. Bugs: Use this to report a bug, whether it be permission or broken shit. Apply: Use this to become a staff member. Appeal: Use this to get unbanned when you do something bad.

Website Overhaul

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Hey all! Today i’m proud to announce a new website feature update. Forums have been completely added, links are new and approved, the navigation is all done at the top right. You can now report bugs and apply all in the website! So much easier than everything done in discord. Stay tuned for new updates […]

New Donor Rank

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In addition to Barbarian, Warrior, Samurai, and King, i’ve added God as a new choice for donor ranks. Read up on it by clicking donate and scrolling to “God”. This rank can be obtained by donating $10 a month or by boosting our discord server by clicking discord on the top and boosting! You’ll keep […]



Hey all, we updated to 1.14.2. Hopefully performance will be a bit better, but look out for even more content added to the server.